Personal Portfolio Template

Unlock your professional potential and take control of your data with a personal portfolio website.

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More control

Unlike relying solely on third-party platforms or social media profiles, a personal portfolio website allows you to establish your online presence and maintain full ownership and control over the content you showcase.

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More power

Gain the freedom to explore various opportunities and pursue diverse career paths. By acting as your agent, you can strategically market yourself, attract potential clients or employers, and negotiate contracts or projects on your terms.

Mudd Media page designs without device

More revenue

Diversify your revenue streams and reduce the risk of relying too heavily on a single employer. By showcasing your skills and expertise on your personal website portfolio, professionals can attract a broader range of potential clients, customers, or collaborators.

Mudd Media page designs without device

What's included

Get an exceptional design system that will earn you more customers at less cost.

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Static pages

Includes beautiful pages that make an impression and win customers.

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Includes helpful components, for faster changes and more consistency.

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Includes CMS collections, making it simple to add new, commonly created content.

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Includes 30 beautiful, customizable color scales, in light and dark variants.

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Includes login, signup, access restricted, and other user pages.

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Includes Product, Checkout, and Order Confirmation page designs.

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Route and reroute page visitors with Search Results and 404 page designs.

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Designed with SEO in mind, with appropriate HTML, and structured data.